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Are you ignoring one of your best marketing tools?

Every day businesses and their employees sends tens or hundreds of emails to clients, suppliers, partners, potential customers and they don't maximise one of their best marketing opportunities.

Boost the marketing potential of your everyday email to educate and inform your email recipients about your products and services every time you make contact - don't waste these valuable marketing opportunities.

With Branded Emails, you can make your everyday employee email look better and act smarter.

  • Run targeted sales & marketing campaigns in every outbound email
  • Change, rotate or schedule different branding and marketing email messages unique to your requirements
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your products & services
  • Measure customer satisfaction from your email & run surveys
  • Get real time metrics and link to your web analytics for consolidated reporting
  • Centrally control your businesses email branding, messaging and legal compliance


Still unsure? Take a look at your inbox right now and ask yourself just how many clients, prospects, suppliers and acquaintances you email every day - and how many of these emails do justice to your brand and organisation. With a majority of our business communication taking place by email, take advantage of Branded Emails to educate and and inform your clients about your products and services as well as driving more traffic to your website to increase leads and generate more sales.

Need ideas? Here are some simple ideas for your own email branding so you can see just how easily you can boost your own marketing with everyday emails.

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